The Sanderson Nozzles are a simple, yet highly effective design

which moves the entry of pulp further into the blow tank, away from the wall, and changes its trajectory.

  • The pulp is directed away from the wall and slightly angled down into the tank in a spiral direction to prevent billowing, which can cause fibre carryover.

Typically the trajectory of the pulp as it exits the Sanderson Nozzle is 8’ to 20’ away from the entry (dependent on tank diameter).

  • Our nozzles are constructed of 2205 cast duplex stainless steel to ensure that they will hold up under the most extreme conditions.
  • The Sanderson Nozzles have an average service life of 12 years. The service life does vary from 7 to 30 years, which is mostly dependent on chip quality; which is due to the presence of chip screening for removal of sand, aggregate and other materials. Regardless of the quality of the chips, the annual savings on tank wall maintenance is considered significant when a Sanderson Nozzle is installed.

Benefits of using the Sanderson Nozzle, reported by our clients include:

  1. Reduction of maintenance costs. The primary benefit of Sanderson Nozzles is the lowered costs for maintenance of the blow tank. This is due, in general, to the reduction of wear of the nozzles and tank walls/target plates.
  2. Reduction of pulp loss due to knots. Our nozzles are gentler on the pulp because of the angle of projection away from the tank wall, allowing the knots to stay intact allowing their removal in subsequent operations and eliminating contamination and loss of pulp.
  3. Reduction in carry over in the heat recovery system. As a result of the cyclonic action created by the new trajectory of the pulp, less carry over of fibers means the heat recovery system is more efficient.
  4. Simple installation with piping utilizes existing routing. The Sanderson Nozzles are aligned with the routing of the existing pipe, usually requiring a small section to be removed or added.
  5. Due to the high-quality manufacturing process and effective design, purchasing a Sanderson Nozzle is an investment that will offer significant maintenance cost savings. This is because the nozzles, typically, have a significant service life over the traditional TN, while the blow tank walls retain their structural integrity.